Dec 4, 2009

A better path for art blogs

One area that Painttwits thinks is in need of a massive overhaul is the functionality of art blogs. We have devised a simple improvement with our first few blogs. The idea is to keep the quality high but have several artists working within a theme, commissioned environment, location, or other descriptor that helps artists connect with collectors and fans. With the addition of ArtCart(which we will explain in the next post) artists and artists groups have a better way of marketing their work. Checkout our first few blogs to get a better understanding of this new approach to art blogging works.

An example of a painttwits artist's blog

An example of a painttwits direct commission art blog

An example of a painttwits group blog

Artists who wish to post their art on a Painttwits blog or create their own Painttwits blog need only to provide examples of their work.

A full list of painttwits blogs can be found here. provides an easy method to export art images to our blogs. has a flickr group that artists may join. For more info please visit this link.

Artists may also send us their flickr user name via an @painttwits reply on twitter.

Currently, artists who sell their art on any of our Art Blogs set their own price and keep every cent that your work sells for.