Feb 3, 2011

Google Art Project: a first step in the right direction

I may have inadvertently helped layout the design for www.googleartproject.com/. Some of the similarities between their newly launched site and the publicly shared plans of my company are uncanny. [see images of slide four of our future development page and compare them with an inverted view of Google Art Project below].

I'm honored if I did help inspire anything about this site. Why? Because I think that Google's Art Project is one of the most innovative and beautiful developments to happen within the visual arts scene in a very long time. I believe that something similar to Google's Art Project should be open source and available to artists, collectors and museums. This new site would not need to be as elaborate as Google's, but several key features should be included. Some of which Google has already adopted:
  • Real time inventory for artists, collectors and galleries
  • Easy navigation [we do not need street view for this project - although, nice for museums]
  • Standardized hi-res images 
  • Meta-data from Freebase or other site - Google is using Google Scholar for some DB retrieval 
Our site plans to add verified artists, collectors, galleries, and museums where the business of art could transpire in the open, in real time where everyone can trade, buy, or sell their own art.

Click on the images for slide show.

The art world will never be the same after yesterdays launch of Google's Art Project. If Google is serious about developing their art related web properties for everyone they will have to deploy a simplified meta-data code that everyone can use. And if Google Art Project Manager Amit Sood is reading this? Give me a call.

Jan 18, 2011

Artist Search

Painttwits artist search currently searches over twenty different websites that sell original artworks by tens of thousands of different artists.

You can search by artist's name, location, username or any other criteria that you like.

Are you an artist, dealer, or collector selling art online? If you would like to see your art returned by this search please fill out this form. Websites that include original art for sale will be included in the Painttwits.com custom artist search page after review.

This link will take you to a spreadsheet of currently searched art sites.

Search not returning the expected results? Please let us know.

Dec 4, 2009

A better path for art blogs

One area that Painttwits thinks is in need of a massive overhaul is the functionality of art blogs. We have devised a simple improvement with our first few blogs. The idea is to keep the quality high but have several artists working within a theme, commissioned environment, location, or other descriptor that helps artists connect with collectors and fans. With the addition of ArtCart(which we will explain in the next post) artists and artists groups have a better way of marketing their work. Checkout our first few blogs to get a better understanding of this new approach to art blogging works.

An example of a painttwits artist's blog

An example of a painttwits direct commission art blog

An example of a painttwits group blog

Artists who wish to post their art on a Painttwits blog or create their own Painttwits blog need only to provide examples of their work.

A full list of painttwits blogs can be found here.

http://www.flickr.com/ provides an easy method to export art images to our blogs. Painttwits.com has a flickr group that artists may join. For more info please visit this link.

Artists may also send us their flickr user name via an @painttwits reply on twitter.

Currently, artists who sell their art on any of our Art Blogs set their own price and keep every cent that your work sells for.

The Future of Art

The arts are changing. Painttwits is building an online database of art communities and would like to know how you would like to see art progress in the next five, ten or even twenty years.

* Could art be made to be virtually collaborative?
* How could current practices be enhanced by future technology?
* Visual art is the cornerstone to a healthy aesthetic life. How can we build a better path for art?

Your response is anonymous, but it will be archived in the group's public editable database. You can add to or edit your entry anytime by visiting this link. If you prefer to send in your entry via email. You can also email us at contact@painttwits.com

The mission of www.painttwits.com is to create a better path for art by providing artists, collectors and art lovers with open source, simple software solutions for many of the common concerns they face on a day to day basis.

Nov 21, 2009

Welcome to Painttwits Blog

We will be posting site updates and Painttwits.com news here from now on.