Feb 3, 2011

Google Art Project: a first step in the right direction

I may have inadvertently helped layout the design for www.googleartproject.com/. Some of the similarities between their newly launched site and the publicly shared plans of my company are uncanny. [see images of slide four of our future development page and compare them with an inverted view of Google Art Project below].

I'm honored if I did help inspire anything about this site. Why? Because I think that Google's Art Project is one of the most innovative and beautiful developments to happen within the visual arts scene in a very long time. I believe that something similar to Google's Art Project should be open source and available to artists, collectors and museums. This new site would not need to be as elaborate as Google's, but several key features should be included. Some of which Google has already adopted:
  • Real time inventory for artists, collectors and galleries
  • Easy navigation [we do not need street view for this project - although, nice for museums]
  • Standardized hi-res images 
  • Meta-data from Freebase or other site - Google is using Google Scholar for some DB retrieval 
Our site plans to add verified artists, collectors, galleries, and museums where the business of art could transpire in the open, in real time where everyone can trade, buy, or sell their own art.

Click on the images for slide show.

The art world will never be the same after yesterdays launch of Google's Art Project. If Google is serious about developing their art related web properties for everyone they will have to deploy a simplified meta-data code that everyone can use. And if Google Art Project Manager Amit Sood is reading this? Give me a call.